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Who we are

rom 1971 Pizzeria Michi is one of the best pizzeria in Turin.

Its story begins with pizza al tegamino (a small-sized, thick-crust and deep-dish pizza typically served in Turin) and its speciality: LA FARINATA (authentic chickpea flat bread).

Nowadays, Pizzeria Michi offers also standard pizzas and various dishes every day. With special care for the quality of the ingredients, it satisfy regular clients and the new ones. Our recipes are the original ones since 40 years.

Today our Pizzeria boast 130 seats, and it is equipped also for gluten-free dishes and pizzas.

Our services

- air conditioned room
- bathroom for disabled
- changing table
- social wi-fi
- pan pizzas
- pizzas to the brick
- gruel
- restaurant service
- pizza e gluten-free cooking